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Angelyn started her real estate career in 2001. Throughout her lucrative career, she has been all sides of the real estate transactions and taking pride in taking supreme care of her clients. She feels it's important to treat every client with honesty, integrity, care and respect and maintaining a good reputation in the real estate industry.

Together with her team at PropNex – Angelyn Tan District, Angelyn and her team focuses on private residential, new condo launches and commercial real estate. Angelyn Tan District is the exclusive partner of the leading property and expatriates’ relocation website - SingaporeExpats.com, the site of choice among expats and prospective buyers.

If you are believer of online marketing and would like take your business to the next level, contact Angelyn Tan District for a discussion today!

Aelen Chua

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Ally Chan

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Angelia Ho

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Helen Ang

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Helen Liau

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Jeffrey Teo

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Juleen Ang

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Leslie Tay

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Lin Shuqing

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Mandy Woon

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Margarete Queck

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Mervyn Koh

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Patsy Sim

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Sally Queck

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Stephanie Keak

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