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About Angelyn Tan

Angelyn started her real estate career in 2001. Throughout her lucrative career, she has been all sides of the real estate transactions and taking pride in taking supreme care of her clients. She feels it's important to treat every client with honesty, integrity, care and respect and maintaining a good reputation in the real estate industry.

With a good network of relations with people, Angelyn started her own real estate agency with close to 100 agents at peak. During her 16 years as a Director and KEO with SE Realty Pte Ltd, she has met many people in all walks of life and have also gained experience in the operational aspects of running a real estate agency. Together with her team, they focused on private residential and commercial real estate. SE Realty became highly popular among expatriates and property investors alike, with Angelyn heading the team. SE Realty was appointed as the exclusive partner of the leading property and expatriates’ relocation website - SingaporeExpats.com, the site of choice among expats and prospective buyers.

By the age of 29, her belief in real estate asset progression compelled her to purchase her first and second properties at The Shaughnessy and The Teneriffe on the same year. Shortly after she bought her third property at The Teneriffe again, a CCR project and had owned 3 cluster homes concurrently. She later sold The Shaughnessy making a 59% profit and The Teneriffe was sold with a 63% profit.

She strongly believes in using facts and figures and logic to make the right real estate decision and she has seen many of her peers and friends make mistakes in purchases due to EMOTIONS and being SENTIMENTAL. She strives to provide her clients and friends with concrete evidence of market sentiments, supported by real-time figures so that they can make the most informed choices and realizing their real estate progression opportunity.

In realizing SE Realty’s agents' strength and experience in the rental and resale property over the years, SE Realty merged with PropNex Realty Pte Ltd in 2021 to further leverage her team’s efforts in the new condo launch segment. SE Realty team is Angelyn Tan District in PropNex Realty Pte Ltd. With Angelyn’s belief that everyone in Singapore should own at least one or more properties in order to retire comfortably and worry-free, Angelyn, together with her team focuses on growing clients' asset portfolios through the creation of stable investment plans.

Over the years as a real estate consultant and investor, Angelyn has given sound advice and helped her clients make the right decisions.


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